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Trust in German Security

Trust in German Security

Right now, most people are unfamiliar with G-Data and their products.  Anyone who’s driven a German car will most likely agree that German engineering and their obsession with safety and security are second to none and G-Data’s Internet Security Suite, being perhaps the most comprehensive (and paranoid) antivirus/system protection product on the market today is no exception to that heritage.  Yes, you did read that correctly, I said paranoid.  Make no mistake, when it comes to securing your computer, data, and personal information, paranoia isn’t just a good thing, it’s a great thing, and when you pair that with the methodical thoroughness of German engineering, you can definitely relax knowing they’ve got you completely covered.  

I’m going to quickly discuss the unique features and highlights of this product, and explain why you need this software on your computer.  I’ve used it on mine for over a year now and it has protected me from multiple threats over this time.  It also uses fewer system resources than many other competing products such as AVG Free.  Here’s a brief run-down of the most important and the unique features of this very well-engineered product.

This suite provides an efficient high performing & comprehensive Antivirus feature for your computer and it also replaces the inferior protection of Windows® Defender™ from Spyware/Malware and the so-called “Windows® Advanced Firewall” Microsoft® bundles with the operating system, and leaves them not only in the dust, but buried in the sand neck-deep too.

Main Program Window

Main Program Window


Dual Anti Virus Scanning Engines

G-Data AntiVirus sports not one, but two scanning engines to protect your computer and data from viruses, worms, etc.  The first engine is actually taken from the award-winning Vipre AntiVirus, considered one of the best and most trusted in the businesses & computer shops today.

The second however, is their own proprietary engine written in-house which is designed to be just as thorough and comprehensive as the first engine, but since it uses different methods and algorithms it almost always catches anything the first engine might have missed.

Since both of engines use Heuristics to detect possible threats by recognizing suspicious or obvious malware behavior by programs that don’t match virus signatures & definitions for detection of known threats and intervene before damage can be done to your computer or network, including disinfection or quarantine of the affected files.  It can also send any threats detected heuristically back to the G-Data labs for research and inclusion in the signatures automatically.

Virus Scanning Tab

Virus Scanning Tab

Automatic Idle Scanning

Of course the program monitors the reads & writes in the file system, scanning programs and data files as they are opened or saved to intercept dangerous code, but rather than making you run manual or scheduled regular full system scans, G-Data runs a constant background idle scan on your system.  This results in substantial savings in both your time and the system’s memory and processor time by utilizing the “off-time” usually spent sitting unused and idle.  Because the scan runs in idle time, the system is still left alone to perform maintenance or other scheduled functions.  Running these resource and performance intensive scans when the system has sat idle for a while efficiently prevents what would normally result in dragging, slowdowns, and wasting lots of your time.

Detection of Non-Windows Based Threats

G-Data Internet Security also detects threats within application files for other platforms such as Android, Windows RT and Windows Phone.  If you are planning on rooting your phone or compiling software that takes advantage of exploits for rooting other operating systems, you need to temporarily disable monitoring of your filesystem, which G-Data allows you to do for anywhere from 5 minutes to 8 hours, or better yet until you restart your computer or just disable it completely until you turn it back on.

Firewall Controls

Firewall Controls

Auto Adaptive Learning Firewall

The firewall feature is an advanced “stateful packet inspection” subsystem which also has an intelligent “Autopilot” feature which references a regularly updated list of known applications with the additional ability to query G-Data’s servers over the internet to retrieve a list of the necessary ports to open and transparently allow known programs uninhibited access to the internet.

The adaptive learning kicks in when you come across an application that isn’t already known to the firewall.  Depending on your security level settings, the program is able to intelligently “learn” how to deal with these mystery applications by evaluating the program’s behavior and then remember the requirements of the program with little to no user interaction.

And just for the security and privacy fanatic in you, the level of protection provided by the firewall can be varied anywhere from low security to maximum security.  From polling friends and customers, I’ve found that the ability to select different levels of diligence on the firewall is most definitely one of the suite’s more popular features.

More Than Just Virus Protection

G-Data includes the standard extensions for web browsers and e-mail clients to protect against email and web threats, blocking them before they an opportunity to harm your system and have also developed the industry first banking-centered protection for your system to help keep your financial information secure.  It also protects against spyware, adware, botnets, back doors, rootkits, exploits, etc.

Auto-Start Manager

Auto-Start Manager

Auto-Start Manager

To help keep your system running at top speed, they also include an auto-start manager that allows you to block applications from starting automatically with windows or delay their start so your system boots up faster or has the correct services started before an app starts up to make sure it will startup correctly the first time without having to retry connections to the internet and such.


G-Data Internet Security, while not free, gives you the best bang for your buck and provides the best all-around protection for your system providing a good balance between cost, protection, and resources.  I’d recommend it for everyone.


Or, if you’re already convinced click the banner below to buy comprehensive award-winning German security for your computer(s).

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