Review: NeatConnect WiFi Cloud Scanner and Digital Filing System

NeatConnect WiFi Scanner

NeatConnect WiFi Cloud Scanner

NeatConnect transforms paper into digital files and sends them straight to the cloud without a computer. At home or at the office, the wireless NeatConnect sends your files straight to Neat, email, cloud services, and wherever else they need to be. Scan in receipts to create expense reports and searchable databases. Scan in business cards to capture information, send info to address book, sync contacts with your phone. Scan in documents to create searchable PDFs, capture editable text, organize your digital files. It has wifi you don’t need computer to synchronize the data to emails and clouds. The scanner takes a maximum paper size of 8.5″ x 30″.  Send scanned items as attachments in one easy step right from NeatConnect to email, Dropbox, Evernote, ftp,, etc.

NeatConnect Features

NeatConnect Features

Scanner Easy Touch Panel

Scanner Easy Touch Panel

The software that comes with it is very easy to use. One of the features is that the document feeder which has a slot for Documents, another for Receipts, and a third for Business Cards. You can scan color or grayscale at the touch of a button, Separately or Combine documents. Also, you can scan all the business cards and the software connects to Mac Contacts and auto fills all the fields (name, address, phone, etc) you don’t have to enter manually plus it software can tell how many documents are receipt or a business car or a simple document.

The concept is nice–get rid of your paper documents and free yourself from being buried under mounds of paper receipts and documents.  we are living ia an era in which papers is converted to e form and this device also gives the same opportunity you can scan your document and send it to anyone using wifi or you can save it in computers or in clouds, the best part of this device is it scans the document and can make it into text files while the other scanner scans the document and save it as a picture which means you can search anything in the scanned item because all the scanned data is also saved in NEAT database you can reprint any specific scanned data or you can access any data from the scanner any time.

NeatConnect ScannerThe NeatConnect is a fairly small  feed loading scanner that’s designed to sit on your desk , fairly small since it’s small enough to sit on your desk (11″W x 8.7″D x 7.5″H), but definitely not ideal to travel with. Up top there are three loading slots, each slot designed for a different function – documents, receipts, and business cards. If that’s not enough, you can also remove the piece that houses the three slots and simply use the guide to choose a perfect paper size. The scanner takes a maximum paper size of 8.5″ x 30″, which should be good for most of scanning tasks although those with exotic scanning requirements such as scanning extra large artwork or scanning the pages out of the book will be out of luck.

Dual-sided one-pass scanning which means you don’t need to scan the documents separately for front and back which makes it fairly quick. It can scan any type of documents whether it is colour or black and white or even it’s a picture.  Fairly quick scanning and efficient scanning, it can scan 50 documents in a minute of any type. The scanner is fast, accurate and works perfectly. The Neat filing system overall is extremely easy to use and has been a blessing in helping organize a lot of business related receipts and documents, as well as any personal documents. You can easily access any files from any computer, including any smart phone to view, modify or input documents and run reports which other scanners can not do. Their customer service is also of a very good quality.

Nothing is perfect and this device is no exception. Due to its small size, some times thick documents stick and do not pass correctly through it and due to its speed it sometimes causes trouble when the document is coming out of scanner causing it to jam.  It will show that your document is scanned but the displayed document is blank.  Another problem many people face is that they can’t connect the cloud and other sites with this device.  The price (around $350) seems steep compared to the competitors, but the unique digital filing system and search capabilities are pretty handy. Unfortunately, the scanner is now only cloud based and a paid subscription is required to scan your documents to the cloud beyond your initial 3 months of free cloud service.

NeatConnect Feature Comparison

NeatConnect Feature Comparison

Time is money and this device help you to save your time and can get the texts from the documents so that you can manage your documents and modify it easily. This device is very helpful if you have to manage many receipts and documents. If you have to find details from the documents it is the best. Its advantages overtake its disadvantages and make this device valuable and helpful. In my opinion this device is the start of new era which will give many perks.

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