ChromeOS Flex Conversions

One of the hottest new services we offer is taking your old laptop (This is primarily for Intel-based laptops, very few AMD-based machines are supported by ChromeOS Flex) that’s not eligible for updating to Windows 11 that’s getting really slow and long in the tooth and used primarily for browsing the web and maybe watching videos on YouTube and breathing new life into it by converting it to use Google’s ChromeOS Flex.

Basically what this does is make that old laptop a Chromebook except currently without the ability to run Android apps from the google play store. However it is still able to run the web-based versions of Microsoft Office, YouTube, YouTube Music, any of the Google Drive apps, GMail, or pretty much anything web-based that you could use in Chrome including pretty much any of the chrome extensions available. It supports all of the parental control features of a regular chromebook or google account and is easily set up for use by children with restricted accounts.

This conversion can be done in a matter of an hour or two while the customer waits, or be done on systems left for later pick-up, whatever the customer preference is.

This process works best of machines with a Solid State Drive (SSD) and built-in WiFi. The machine must have at least 4GB or more of RAM and 32GB of storage available for best results. In addition, it does require you to have a Google Account in order to use the operating system.

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