ECG J-500 Butane Soldering Iron and Torch

Let’s face it, electric soldering irons are a pain in the portability department. This soldering iron and torch takes the pain out of portable soldering. Made in Taiwan to UL standards, it gives approximately 30 minutes of run time on a single charge and the manufacturer stands behind it with a rock solid warranty with no-hassle replacement should it fail. I’ve owned and gifted several of these units over the years and they work like a charm. I do however advise using 5x filtered purity butane or higher, not Ronson or Zippo branded, butane as they tend to clog the nozzles with soot.

Includes butane soldering iron, protective cap with igniter, 1mm conical tip, & torch tip. Small and slips easily into the pocket.

Optional chisel tip and heat spreader for shrink tubing (which saves having to carry around a heat gun as well) are available as well.

It has a handy kick stand to keep it from rolling away or damaging surfaces while heated or cooling. Ready in as little as 60 seconds and has an equivalency to a corded electric soldering iron with a rating of 30W-70W depending on the heat selected with the handy flow control dial.

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