Precision Screwdriver Set -130 in 1 Small Electronics Repair Tool Kit

This compact tool kit is excellent for the professional or hobbyist alike and has the tools necessary for fixing pretty much anything electronic.

It contains 101 interchangeable bits and many other accessories for maintenance and repair of phones, game consoles, computers, laptops, consumer electronics, etc.

Includes a Magnetizer/Demagnetizer, Durable Bits, non-slip fdriver handle, magnetized extension rod, flexible extension shaft for getting into hard to reach spots/angles, anti-static tweezers, multiple spry tools, a magnetic screw memory mat, hexagonal sleeve socket for cordless drills, magnifier, spare screws of various sizes with nuts and washers, a small brush, stick spudger, plastic scraper tool, multiple SIM card pins, suction cups, pick tools, and features a 1 year money back or replacement warranty. The box features a double sided design for easy portability.

You may not need everything included in the kit, but you’ll have it on hand should you ever need it.

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