These are excellent cables for connecting USB-C devices and monitors to PCs, chargers, other phones, etc. with simultaneous high speed data and power delivery. They’re high quality, thick, dual-braided, resistant to breakage, have a ribbed neck on the connectors for bendability and are very durable. I have several of these cables and they never fail [...]

A few years back, Samsung discontinued gallery backups to their own servers and transitioned them to Microsoft OneDrive as part of their continuing efforts to integrate services with Microsoft Products and reduce the storage requirements for customer phone backups on their own Samsung Cloud server storage. Initially and for several years, that gallery storage didn’t [...]

Let’s face it, electric soldering irons are a pain in the portability department. This soldering iron and torch takes the pain out of portable soldering. Made in Taiwan to UL standards, it gives approximately 30 minutes of run time on a single charge and the manufacturer stands behind it with a rock solid warranty with [...]

This compact tool kit is excellent for the professional or hobbyist alike and has the tools necessary for fixing pretty much anything electronic. It contains 101 interchangeable bits and many other accessories for maintenance and repair of phones, game consoles, computers, laptops, consumer electronics, etc. Includes a Magnetizer/Demagnetizer, Durable Bits, non-slip fdriver handle, magnetized extension [...]

This advanced charger from Anker uses the new GaNPrime (Gallium Nitride) and Power IQ 4.0 technologies to charge your devices at the maximum speed they support and do it with a smaller footprint, less energy loss and less heat generation than previous charging technologies. This particular charger has the ability to output a combined 65W [...]

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